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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

court may NOT be opening next week

I just read on the big Ethiopia board that a couple of the agencies got word that the courts will NOT re-open next Monday like planned. I will be so bummed if this is true. But what can we do? We are at the mercy of the courts right? I try so hard not to get upset, and tell myself constantly that things will work out for us. But I will not breathe easy until I have my little girl in my arms!! What can I say, I am so disapointed it's unreal. We need prayers for our family right now.


Theis Family said...

I have heard many conflicting dates..some families in our agency have said the courts will open up this week...but I haven't heard anything official. Hang in there, it will happen soon!!

Monica said...

Hi. I was told by my agency that courts are closed until the 13th of October. I had a court date set for the tenth and have not been reissued a court date yet. From some research (blog reading) it seems that some families have been given new court dates starting at about the 21st of Oct. This would have been my third court date since July. I am so disappointed at this point but just trying to remain positive that soon she will be home. All the best.

lemon twigs said...

Hi. You don't know me, and I hope you don't mind me commenting. I also have had 3 court dates since July and am waiting for court to open and issue us a court date. Our most recent one was for October 6th. Good luck getting a date soon. Know that you aren't alone. We'll be holding our girls soon and this will only be a memory.