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Sunday, May 31, 2009

OMG...... We received our referral!!!

We received the file of an almost 2 month old baby girl this afternoon. Of course we accepted and are just so in shock and in love with her already. She is tiny weighing about 7.7 lbs, but oh so beautiful!!!! I can't believe it. I keep looking at her referral photo and paperwork and thinking to myself is this really happening? Is this our daughter? This has been such a good week for us. First with Levi doing so well with his new foot and so close to getting it, to getting our baby girl's referral. We couldn't be happier. I think we are going to name her Mylie Jaide Desta Maxwell, we may not use Jaide though. Desta is her Ethiopian name and means Happy or Joy. Just beautiful.

Please pray for a speedy court date so that we may bring our beautiful daughter home.


Lesa said...

Many wonderful thoughts coming your way. I just can't believe how short a time it took you.
Please write me back.... Did you go with GW for the Ethiopia route or with a different agency? We are so anxious about our adoption taking forever. We decided to do the SN's program back in Dec. and our 6 month time is coming up.
I would really love to go this route for a daughter due to the fact it has almost been our 3 year mark!

I'm so very happy for you and Jerry! Can't wait til you can post photos.